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Board of Directors
Board of Directors
The Sea of Change board of directors is made up of accomplished individuals who are passionate about marine conservation, educating youth about the marine environment and providing scholarships to those who are dedicating their future to marine conservation and education.

Director Wayne B. Brown 
Aggressor Fleet - Chairman & CEO
Wayne Brown grew up near the ocean in Jacksonville, Florida and spent as much time in the water as possible. When his son turned 15, Wayne started looking for a hobby they could share since he knew his son would soon want to spend more and more time with his friends. A Scuba Dive Shop was on the way to Wayne's office so he asked his son about Scuba Diving. That was 1999 and today, Wayne, his son, his son's wife, his daughter and her soon to be husband all are certified divers. Wayne's wife, Dana, while not a diver, enjoys being onboard the LiveAboard yachts relaxing, reading and spending time with the entire family on the water. Wayne has always looked for industry related charities that his businesses can partner with that will result in longterm, effective benefits to both. With Sea Of Change, 100% of all money goes directly to marine education and conservation around the world ensuring so that all current and future families can enjoy the sea and its wonders as Wayne and his family are still discovering.
Wayne Brown
Director Wayne Hasson
Aggressor Fleet - President
As a United States Marine, Wayne discovered the underwater world during off-duty passes scuba diving in Vietnam, Japan and NC. Wayne's greatest passion is sharing the ocean world with tomorrow's explorers - children. He is the inventor of the "SASY" and founder of Oceans For Youth Foundation.( He spends much of his free time educating youth about the ocean and donating his time to Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. 

Wayne is a active Rotary member and believes in giving back to his community. He is an avid underwater photographer and loves spending time with his wife Anne, daughter Caroline and son Davis scuba diving on Aggressor & Dancer yachts and in the Florida Keys.
Wayne Hasson
Director Anne Hasson
Aggressor Fleet/Dancer Fleet - Vice President
Anne started diving at age 14 and immediately fell in love with it. As co-founder of Aggressor Fleet in 1984, she has spent the past 31 years working in the business. She is Vice President of the Aggressor & Dancer Fleet Reservations Office, and Marketing/Advertising department.  She was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHOF) and is an SSI Platinum Pro5000 Diver Program.

She is a avid wildlife photographer and loves spending time with her family. She and her husband Wayne reside in Naples, Florida. They have a daughter and son in college.
Director Don Rockwell
Don Rockwell is the CEO of Aqua Lung International, one of the original founding companies in recreational and professional SCUBA diving dating back to 1943. He started his career in diving in 1978 working with Sea Quest, a small specialty manufacturing company. Through acquisitions the company was eventually acquired by Aqua Lung where Don managed several responsibilities before settling in at his current position.

An avid diver, watersports and outdoor enthusiast, he lives in Cardiff, California, near San Diego, with his wife of almost 30 years. They have a daughter, a son and one grandson.
Don Rockwell
Director Doug McNeese
Doug McNeese has been involved in the diving industry since the age of 10 when his family opened up their first dive store ‘The Dive Shop, Inc'. Through high school and college, Doug worked his way to become the top sales person and earned his Open Water Instructor rating in 1974.  In 1982 he purchased ‘The Dive Shop’ from his father and began the expansion of the company and his training, which now has four locations in the Southeast United States, all with indoor pools.

Doug has two passions – retail and training. His second passion led him to purchased NASDS and in late 1998, after a call from an industry veteran, Bob Clark, with Scuba Schools International (SSI) and merged with SSI. In 2008, Doug McNeese and Robert Stoss purchased SSI. In 2014, SSI was sold to the Head Corporation to continue the quest of strengthening the growth of training and to help retailers succeed.

Responsible for sales, including training and marketing, Doug is still the President of SSI USA and will continue to be a driving force to promote SSI worldwide and strengthen its growth through retailers and manufacturers. Doug strongly believes that the “doorway to diving” is the retailer.  His passion is to go beyond what has been done, bring more people into the sport and to make scuba diving a lifetime sport.

 Doug McNeese
Director Mike Haber
Mike Haber has been an underwater photographer for 36 years and a topside nature photographer longer than that. As a professional photographer, Mike H. has experienced and studied the enormous transformation that has taken place in photography over that time. As a partner in the Jim Church School of Photography, Mike has helped thousands of students create beautiful images of our underwater world.

While his base of operations begins in Miami, FL, his photographic workplace extends around the world. Traveling extensively, Mike H. has amassed tens of thousands of images. His catalogue of photographs encompasses scenes from all over the natural world, from distant reefs and dozens of exotic underwater destinations, to the American wilderness, to the streets of Europe.His images represent views of the world few individuals ever have the opportunity to capture. Mike’s studio subjects and nature images reflect the wide range of his photographic skill and creativity.

Mike Haber
Advisor Guy Harvey
Guy Harvey is a unique blend of artist, scientist, diver, angler, conservationist and explorer, fiercely devoted to his family and his love of the sea. Growing up in Jamaica, Guy spent many hours fishing and diving with his father along the Island’s south coast. He was obsessed with the creatures of the sea and began drawing pictures of the many different fish he observed.Guy’s artwork can be found in art exhibits, stores, galleries, restaurants and at fishing tournaments.

Born in Lippspringe, Germany on September 16, 1955 while his father was serving as a Gunnery Officer in the British Army, Guy is a 10th generation Jamaican of English heritage as his family immigrated to Jamaica in 1664. From his early inspirations, Guy’s natural gift to recreate marine life has propelled him from Professor of Marine Biology to a Wildlife Artist and Photographer. Guy initially opted for a scientific education, earning high honors in Marine Biology at Aberdeen University in Scotland in 1977. He continued his formal training at the University of West Indies, where he obtained a Doctorate in Fisheries Management.

A passion for the beauty and wonder of the underwater world has driven Dr. Guy Harvey to be a leading conservationist and advocate for the protection of our environment. Guy dedicates much of his talent, time and resources to programs that protect our oceans, fish population and reef systems. The Guy Harvey Research Institute at Nova Southeastern University and The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation have taken on a leadership role in providing the scientific information necessary to understand and protect the world’s fish resources and biodiversity from continued decline.
Advisor Ron Steven
Ron has spent 25 years in dive, hospitality and tourism industry in different parts of the world.

Now, as a full time artist  he provides graphic design solutions including original artwork, illustration, print design. Rogest is marketed worldwide through environmental groups and educational outreach programs while improving environmental awareness. Rogest has delivered a message of environmental awareness about the oceans to hospitalized kids in Canada, foster kids in Cayman, village kids in PNG and Fiji along with schools and libraries in Canada, England, USA, Australia, Singapore and invites to various other events.  

Rogest has worked closely with DAN both in the USA and Australia. He has donated his art work and time to the Cayman National Trust, O.W.U. Scholarship Society, Conservation International, Ocean Pals, Oceans for Youth Foundation, REEF, Catalina Conservancy Divers, W.W.F., Coral Reef Alliance, Reef Check, the Marine Mammal Care Centre and many other events and organizations worldwide all for marine awareness and conservation. His artwork and motivational inspiration is truly making a difference.

Ron Steven
Advisor Michael Skoletsky
Michael Skoletsky was co-founder and Executive Director of Shark Savers, an ocean conservation non-profit organization, until its merger with WildAid. Michael served on the Board of Directors of both organizations. Shark Savers’ and WildAid’s campaigns in Asia contributed significantly to the reduction of the shark fin trade by over 50% in the key shark fin soup consuming communities of China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Michael currently serves on the Advisory Board of Sea of Change and the International Board of WildAid and is a customer strategy consultant. After starting his career in advertising with Procter & Gamble, Pepsi-Cola, and Coca Cola, Michael spent two decades in digital application development, leading the creation of innovative solutions for start ups and large brands, including, CNN, AOL, DirecTV, Meredith (Parents Magazine & Better Homes & Gardens), Time Inc, (Money Magazine & Golf Magazine), PacifiCare, Paramount Pictures, MTV, and Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment.
Michael Skoletsky
Advisor Jerry Beaty
Jerry Beaty started scuba diving in 1967 and in the 1970s began a career in the dive industry as an equipment representative. He then opened All Sun Tours, a nationwide dive travel wholesale company which became the largest dive wholesale travel company to cater exclusively to dive retailers and their students.

In 1996 Jerry joined Dive Training magazine as advertising manager and was quickly promoted to Associate Publisher. As a veteran of the dive industry, Beaty has been a part of developing and patenting the Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth (SASY) and starting the nonprofit foundation for the ocean and marine education of young people, Oceans for Youth (OFY).

Beaty is certified by several certification agencies and is an SSI Platinum Pro 5000 cardholder. When asked to name the most rewarding part about working in the dive industry, Jerry cites the friendships he has had the privilege to enjoy and the honor of developing relationships with the business owners he has assisted.

Jerry Beaty
Advisor Craig Jenni
Advisor John Witherspoon 
John Witherspoon has over 25 years experience in the insurance business. He joined Gale Smith & Co. in 1986. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Mercer University in 1982. He earned his CIC designation from the Society of Certified Insurance Counselors, a Professional Continuing Education Program in 1989. While at Gale Smith & Company John served as the manager of the SCUBA Department, handling various types of SCUBA manufacturing and service risks. In 1989 he developed a program for professional liability for SCUBA instructors. This program provides broad coverage at a competitive price and has shown steady growth since its inception. In 1993 John started Witherspoon and Associates to deal strictly with dive industry insurance.

John’s interest in SCUBA diving dates back to the 1970s. He has been a NASE and NASDS master instructor and taught uw photography, open water, and advanced open water. John holds certifications and or instructor ratings for several other certification agencies. He participates in DEMA conventions and programs.

John’s unique blend of insurance and scuba experience qualifies him to act as program coordinator for a SCUBA program. As a third generation insurance professional, John started his insurance career at Gale Smith & Company which was founded in 1868. Through his SCUBA experiences and love for the sport, John has developed contacts with various instructional and retail associations in the dive industry. These connections provide access to the larger and more professional dive operations, making him the perfect marketing asset for this program.
John Witherspoon