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Women Divers Hall of Fame $2000 Scholarship Fund recognizes the contributions of women pioneers, leaders and innovators in the many fields of diving; Promoting careers & opportunities for women in the dive community. Meet some of the receipients of these scholarships.

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Christine Wilcox2014 Receipient: Christine Wilcox

Christie is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Cell and Molecular Biology program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a specialization in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology. At the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, she is researching the ecology and evolution of the lionfish (subfamily Pteroinae). She will be gathering key ecological and biological data on these species in their native ranges in the Indo-Pacific. She notes that comparisons of invasive species in their native and introduced ranges are vital to wholly understanding invasive populations, for example revealing shifts in ecology or behavior that are contributing to invasion success and/or identifying natural control mechanisms, providing critical clues for potential means of keeping invasive populations in check. She hopes her research will lead to key insights that will inform management and lead to better control strategies.